Chorlton Park parents

The success of Chorlton Park is dependent on great relationships with parents and carers, our involvement in our local community, a strong and committed board of governors, and a dynamic and active Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

It’s really important for us to work together with all parents and carers to make sure they are happy with the education we provide for their children, and to make sure we’re aware of any issues that might affect their child.

We hold regular workshops and coffee mornings for parents and carers, which focus on specific issues or policies, and produce a parents’ survey every two years. We also produce a weekly newsletter to keep parents and carers up to date with school news. Our website and blogs are up to date and include the curriculum, our inspection reports and school policies, as well as news and lots of children’s work and opportunities for interacting with school.

We also recognise what a great resource our parents and carers are. A regular cross-school project called ‘Aspirations Week’ sees parents and carers come into school to talk about their jobs, and share experiences about the work they do. This allows parents and carers to actively engage with our pupils, and enriches the learning experiences of our children.

The relationship is two-way. Parent support advisers are there to help parents having difficulties or who just need to share an issue. We even provide Parenting Survival Courses run by the parent support advisers based at school.

The PTA is an important part of school life. It puts on a dazzling array of events from discos to melas, car boot sales and book sales to the summer and winter fairs. These make a significant contribution to school funds and are a brilliant way of making our school into a real community.