ECO Club

In the past Chorlton Park Primary School have been commended for their environmental friendliness and how the school is beginning to try and reduce waste through their new recycling system. The award noted how we teach eco lessons as part of our curriculum and are beginning to broaden this across all areas.  As a result of the children’s hard work and thoughtfulness means that we have achieved the Eco Schools bronze award and the silver award back in 2020.

Well done Chorlton Park and well-done Eco Committee!

Manchester council work

This year we have worked closely with the Manchester City Council. They have very kindly donated a large amount of funds to support our school grounds and the allotment. We have also used some of the money towards recycling and waste. Thanks Manchester Council!


The school is proud to be a member of the Manchester Environmental Education Network which began life in 1994 as an informal organisation. It was run voluntarily by teachers who wanted to bring environmental issues into their teaching practice. In May 2019, after attending the MEEN Climate Change conference, more and more children became keener to be a part of the environmental changes within school.

Waste week

This year the whole school took part in Waste Week where we carried out ‘The Hidden Treasure Hunt’. The children had to collect different electrical items from home and hand them into Curry’s, where they could then get themselves a £5 off voucher and enter our school into a competition.

This area is an important part of our ECO action plan and has been something the children and teachers have been working on within their classes.

Gardening club

We are proud to announce this year that we have a school gardening club which has been kindly run by our school caretaker, Andy. We have a very keen team of children across EYFS, KS1 and 2 who share ideas, come outside and use tools to garden, grow plants and vegetables, and maintain our green school grounds.



Pledge to pick

During the summer term the ECO Committee will take part in a litter pick in the park. The children want to play their part in their local community by keeping some of the greenest areas of Chorlton clean and tidy.

Eco in our classes

Children have a tailored curriculum that works around the environment. We have a Big Idea topic based on the Environment where each year group focuses on one main area e.g. Year 3, recycling. We take part in an annual ‘Switch off fortnight’ where the class ECO monitors make sure taps and switches are always off when not needed. We also have children who regularly litter pick the school grounds and ensure paper is recycled correctly.

Eco council

Chorlton Park’s children elect councillors to the school’s various committees which play a major role in shaping the school’s future. The eco council meet every half term and are responsible for representing their peer’s ideas and voices in helping our school stay environmentally friendly. They will also lead assemblies and often represent the school at events in the community.

Our aim:

Our aim for the end of 2023 is to gain our green flag. We will need to continue to work through our action plan and create an ECO culture across school. Come on guys, we can do it!