History and Geography

At Chorlton Park, we teach History and Geography through a selection of ‘Big Questions’.  The learning is innovative and creative, which offers pupils a deeper understanding of the world in which they live; then, now, and in the future. It is a whole school approach, where planning is based upon the National Curriculum and is further developed through pupil generated questions, which link to the topic. 

Each half term the children are introduced to a new ‘Big Question’ which has a different learning challenge each week, where key skills are taught. Children are given the opportunity to develop into independent learners and are encouraged through a variety of teaching strategies. This can be evidenced in our P4C (Philosophy for Children) lessons, which enable children to develop deeper questions about a topic based stimulus. Through the ‘Big Question’ lessons, our children grow in the ability to; challenge, reflect, question, reason with one another in an articulate and constructive manner and use listening and debating skills. 

‘Big Question’ allows children at Chorlton Park to take part in lots of diverse experiences. These include: residentials, visits within the local community and further afield, visitors, topic days, assemblies and performances. These inspire children’s learning and provide them with real life experiences, equipping them with knowledge and understanding of the topic, as well as celebrating the children’s learning achievements. Parents and volunteers are actively encouraged to come and share their expertise and knowledge throughout the year. 

At Chorlton Park, we are committed to developing global citizens, which make a positive contribution to their local community and beyond. The Eco School committee, act as school representatives, who are working towards achieving Gold Eco School Status.