At Chorlton Park, our aims are to ensure that every child:

·       Develops fluency and can make connections between mathematical


·       Can reason using correct mathematical language

·       Can apply conceptual understanding to solve problems 

·       Has a love of maths and will challenge themselves

·       Is a resilient mathematician 

We teach the National Curriculum programmes of study through a mastery approach using the progression within theMaths No Problem textbooks across both key stages.

In Early Years we work towards the Early Learning Goals through a maths mastery approach in preparation for Year 1. Learning is play based in the continuous provision and sustained shared thinking indoors and outdoors. Teachers deliver a skill to the whole class which is developed by all practitioners throughout the continuous provision. 

From Year 1 our maths curriculum follows the National Curriculum closely, following the progression in the Maths No Problem scheme. Where possible, we make connections with other areas of the curriculum.

The sequencing of our curriculum provides opportunities for children to develop conceptual understanding of new concepts and apply strategies previously taught to new ideas. Connections are made explicit to reinforce children’s understanding.

Lesson design identifies the carefully sequenced journey through the concept, identifying difficult points and possible misconceptions. Children are challenged through careful questioning and supported through use of concrete materials and visual representations to develop deep, conceptual understanding. Maths No Problem Singapore textbooks are used to support the teacher with this.

Significant time is spent developing deep knowledge of key ideas that are needed to underpin future learning. The structure and connections within the mathematics are emphasised, so that children develop deep learning that can be sustained.

At Chorlton Park we believe that all children have a right to a good quality education (Art. 28 UNICEF Charter) and should have an opportunity to access the curriculum of their year group so they can become effective mathematicians.  We adapt our pedagogy to meet the needs of all our children, particularly those of children with SEND. Concrete materials and visual representations support the development of conceptual understanding for all our children. Questioning throughout the lesson supports a depth of understanding and provides scaffolding. In some circumstances, children with SEND will be working within the year group curriculum that is appropriate for them with specialised support.

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