At Chorlton Park we believe that Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) and Citizenship should underpin all the work we do so children are equipped to make safe and informed decisions to become responsible, resilient global citizens. 

We use the Jigsaw scheme which follows the Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage and other statutory guidance for PSHE education provided by the Secretary of State and the PSHE Association. 

At Chorlton Park we believe that all children have a right to a good quality education (Art. 28 UNICEF Charter) and to the best possible mental and physical health (Art. 24 UNICEF Charter). We believe that PSHE is a key way to promote the inclusion of all children. Our PSHE lessons are designed and adapted so they can be accessed by all learners. The Jigsaw scheme is written as a universal core curriculum provision for all children. Inclusivity is part of its philosophy. 

A discreet PSHE lesson is taught weekly using the Jigsaw scheme, a mindful approach to PSHE. The sequencing of our scheme provides opportunities for children to learn new concepts and skills as well as being able to apply those to a variety of situations and build on learning in previous years.

The Jigsaw scheme covers drug education, financial education and the importance of physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle. We work with our local School Nursing team to deliver Relationship and Sex Education using the Jigsaw scheme (see separate RSE policy). 

PSHE Education is reinforced by our work on children’s rights as part of our Rights Respecting ethos. Furthermore, we have been awarded Healthy School status which further supports the themes covered in our PSHE sessions, particularly keeping our bodies and mind healthy. All our planning ensures we cover the themes of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and justice, mutual respect for and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs and equality as stated in the statutory guidance. 

The 6 Chorlton Park Primary School values link with each PSHE theme discussed each half term to ensure consistency throughout the school.

Pupils are encouraged to contribute to school life in a range of ways. We have an Eco-council who take responsibility for making our school a more sustainable and environmentally aware. In addition, each class has a Rights Ambassador and a Health Ambassador who are responsible for ensuring each child is aware of their rights and responsibilities, in regards to their learning, and deliver ideas on how to stay healthy throughout assemblies and whole class discussions. Children can also take part in sports teams and sports competitions throughout their school career.

There are six Jigsaw units that every year group will cover each half term:

1.         Being Me in My World

2.         Celebrating Difference

3.         Dreams and Goals

4.         Healthy Me

5.         Relationships

6.         Changing Me

The curriculum overview can be downloaded here.