Here at Chorlton Park, we recognise our local area as vibrant and unique, with much diversity of religion and belief. Our Religious Education curriculum aims to reflect this, helping children develop positive, respectful attitudes towards people from all religions and world views. A rich, question based approach to learning means we make space for children to explore their own beliefs and the beliefs of others. We ensure we teach RE through creative, fun activities such as dynamic storytelling, games, discussions, art and role play. We hope this will prepare children for active citizenship in a diverse and rapidly changing world.  We use the Manchester Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, which allows all pupils to explore their own beliefs, values and traditions, and those of others in engaging ways.

Our aim for RE at Chorlton Park is to:

·       Be challenging, inspiring and fun. 

·       Actively promote values, including British Values 

·       Develop children’s levels of religious literacy and conceptual understanding. 

·       Enable children to articulate, with confidence, their ideas about religion, beliefs and spirituality 

·       Enable children to understand religious and belief systems’ commitment to morality and social justice.

·       Promote social and ethnic harmony and awareness of British values as a moral imperative for schools