Right Respecting School

Rights Respecting Ambassadors - Osmani Primary School

September 23

We got Gold! 

We are proud to annonce that Chorlton Park is now a Gold Rights respecting School

Strengths of the school include:

  • a good and secure knowledge of rights across the school community and children use the language underpinning rights in a mature and reflective way. 
  • a strong and enthusiastic commitment to children's rights and to RRSA from leaders at all levels, tied into the vision and values of the school.
  • A clear strategic approach to embedding children's rights in school life with the Convention serving aas a driver for school improvement. 
  • A school with inclusion at it's heart, where pupils feel safe and secure and understand the importance of knowing about children's rights, the difference this makes to their lives and their desire and determination to help realise these rights for others. 


Article 29  The right to be the best that you can be

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The rights ambassadors are the drivers for delivering children’s opinions across the school. A pupil said: “The ambassadors make sure we get our rights”.

What is a UNICEF Rights Respecting School?

Together young people and the school community learn about children’s rights, putting them into practice every day. It is not just about what children do but also, importantly, what adults do. In Rights Respecting Schools children’s rights are promoted and realised, adults and children work towards this goal together.

There are four key areas of impact for children at a Rights Respecting school; wellbeing, participation, relationships and self-esteem.

The difference that a Rights Respecting School makes goes beyond the school gates, making a positive impact on the whole community.

  • Children are healthier and happier
  • Children feel safe
  • Children have better relationships
  • Children become active and involved in school life and the wider world

May 2023

Article 12

The year 5 and 6 ambassadors spoke with KS2 and KS1 during an assembly to show them what their rights to an opinion means. We were very impressed with their knowledge and understanding of what this should like and how children must use their voice.

Our ambassadors found out what our other termly rights look like at Chorlton Park…

Article 27

• The teachers give out toast in the morning in case we have not had our breakfast.

• We ask for donations of clothes and food to support people in our community.

• Early years can have free fruit.

• Our school is safe. Article 29

• There are lots of different competitions to go to when you are in year 6.

• Debate Mate • Different clubs – sports and music,

• Art and DT project

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We are a Unicef Silver 'Rights Aware' School!

We are extremely proud to be have been recently awarded the Unicef Silver Award’, which means that we are officially a 'Rights Aware' School. The Unicef assessor who visited us was impressed by our student's knowledge of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child' and in our progress so far in embedding it within our policy, practice and culture.

We are now working towards becoming a Gold UNICEF Rights Respecting School, where a Rights Respecting ethos will be at the heart of everything, we do at Chorlton Park Primary School.  

Well done everyone!

You can Download the Accreditation Report on the right. 

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December 2021

It was lovely getting together with all the schools involved in the Pupil Parliament to discuss our plans for Manchester City Council Year of the Child.  Thank you to St Marys Moss Side for hosting. 


November 2021

Through pupil voice, we looked closely at our whole school charter.  We are currently working towards acheiving our Gold accreditation and cannot wait to share our journey.