Shanghai Maths

England-Shanghai Teacher Maths Exchange

In 2014 Chorlton Park was chosen to be the lead primary school for one of the Maths hubs in the North West. There are 32 Maths Hubs around the country. Our Maths hub is led by Altringham Grammar School for Girls.

Sun Shuihong and Niki Qing

The England-Shanghai teacher exchange was one of the first national projects implemented by the Maths hubs. Ms Habershon and Mrs Parker were part of a group of 72 teachers from the UK who visited Shanghai in October 2014 to learn about how Maths is taught there. In November Sun Shuihong and Niki Qing, maths teaching experts from Shanghai visited Chorlton Park for three and half weeks to teach in a Y2 and Y3 class every day, focusing on number bonds, addition and substraction in Y2 and multiplication and division in Y3.


We were inspired by their gradual step-by-step teaching approach using varied visual representations, high level questioning, and mathematical vocabulary. The Shanghai insistence on explaining in full sentences provided pupils with tools to explain with precision.

A mid-exchange report by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics shows the value of the project.