The Curriculum


Chorlton Park is a happy and caring school where children are able to acquire the skills and knowledge to become confident and successful learners with high aspirations. Through excellent teaching, we ignite imaginations and make learning irresistible.

Our curriculum is designed with knowledge at its heart and we strive to inspire a love of life-long learning. We encourage children to make connections so they develop a deeper understanding of our changing world and become responsible, resilient global citizens.

In collaboration with staff, children and parents, we reviewed our curriculum in the summer of 2019. We are now very proud to offer a modern, relevant and challenging curriculum which all learners can access successfully and enjoy. We strive to develop well-rounded citizens through our 6 school values: resilience, respect, responsibility, kindness, empathy and fairness. In addition, as a rights respecting school, children have opportunities throughout their curriculum work to explore the concepts of rights and how children’s rights can be upheld or infringed. Every half-term our curriculum centres on a Big Idea which ties together the work done in every subject. Look at the Long Term Plans on the right-hand side for more information.