Vision and Values

At Chorlton Park Primary School we aim to provide a happy, stimulating and secure community for every child. This, in conjunction with a rich and challenging learning experience, will ensure that all children reach their full potential, both emotionally and physically, and are completely prepared to take their place in our diverse world.

Everyone who works in our school is valued as an individual and staff work as a team, sharing expertise, knowledge and skills. Chorlton Park strongly values the partnership between home, school and community.


Our Vision

Changing Lives in Collaboration – together we make the difference.

At Chorlton Park we empower our children to achieve excellence in all that they do; preparing them to be the best that they can be.


Our Values

Respect: We respect ourselves, one another and our environment

Responsibility: We take responsibility for ourselves, one another and our learning. Our every action and interaction builds a secure and united community. We are true to ourselves and offer strength to others.

Resilience: We embrace challenge, recognising that through our mistakes, true learning happens. We take risks, always willing to have a go…..never wanting to miss out on opportunities to improve. We don’t give up.

Kindness: We show kindness to all that we meet, in the way that we treat people, in our class, school locally and globally.

Fairness: We are fair in all that we do, listen carefully and act with integrity.

Empathy: We are empathetic to all we come into contact with, through our learning about others and the world, and to experiences and opportunities presented to us. We embrace new experiences and do everything we can to ensure that we are leaders of our own learning.